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Geschrieben von Huebich am 20.04.2017 um 11:18:

  Neues Arch Enemy Album noch 2017?

Nach der, erst kürzlich erfolgten, Veröffentlichung der Live-DVD "AS THE STAGES BURN", lies nun Michael Amott in einem Facebook Post durchblicken, dass wohl noch 2017 mit einem neuen Werk der Melo-Death-Metaller zu rechnen ist.

Oppss.... Did I forget to say THANK YOU for the amazing fan support on our last tour?
All those sold-out shows and amazing sales of the 'As The Stages Burn!' Live release is making me even more pumped to get some NEW ARCH ENEMY MUSIC out there this year! Can't wait to unleash a lot of cool stuff in 2017! And believe me, it's so f'n exciting to be sitting on a KILLER set of new tunes...and I just wanna go go go... But first, back to the studio...

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